Get A New Smile In A Day

Get A New Smile In A Day

Same Day Teeth is a revolutionary dental implant treatment which can be used to replace entire arches or sets of uncomfortable dentures.  And, as the name implies, you walk away with a new smile on the same day as the dental implants are placed.

Many people who wear dentures are unhappy with the amount of pain and issues they can cause.  From sores and rubs through to falling out when you talk or eat, the list of issues surrounding ill-fitting dentures is a long one!

Traditional dental implants require between three and six months between placing and implant and being able to fit the final dental restoration; with Same Day Teeth this is not the case.

A minimum of four dental implants are placed in the jawbone.  Sedation is used in order to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment.

The implants which are placed at the back of the jaw are placed at a 45% angle which gives them maximum stability and encourages an even bite.

The implant posts are then attached to the implant and impressions are taken.  These impressions are used by the technicians to design and make the new teeth.

The new teeth take time to prepare so they are perfect for you so whilst they are being made a temporary set of teeth are attached to the posts and adjusted for maximum comfort.

As these temporary teeth are fixed to the implants and posts they will feel much more secure and like natural teeth.

After some follow up appointments to check that all is well with the implants and they have fused correctly – approximately 3-6 months – your permanent set of teeth will be fitted.  These teeth have been made especially for you and they will look, feel and behave just like natural teeth.

Same Day Teeth is not a treatment which is suitable for all patients but a dental implant consultation at the practice will allow the dental team to assess if your smile is suitable.  They will; also discuss the procedure, time scales involved and costs as well as let you know about finance options available.

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